Imagine waking up to find you head in the jaws of a bear.

FOX's Jack Callaghan has the story:

Early Sunday at Colorado's Glacier View Ranch, this 19-year-old camp counselor was awakened by the sound of a bear's teeth on his skull:

(Dylan) "About 4 in the morning, I woke up to a crunching sound and like me being dragged, and I thought it was a dream."

But the counselor, identified as Dylan, was not dreaming, but living a real life nightmare: a black bear dragging him by the head from his sleeping bag, but not without a fight:

(Dylan) "Grabbed a hold of the bear by his ear and I found his eye and I was poking it and it just let go of me and I was able to get away."

Dylan was treated and released from the hospital. The bear, if he's caught, will be put down.

Jack Callaghan, FOX News.