Setting yourself up for a better relationship.

FOX's Ashley Papa with today's 'FOX on Love':

There's endless advice out there about how to have a better romantic relationship. But what about the relationship we have with our own self? Author and motivational speaker David Essel says its when we're single, that's when we learn about what we need and how to be our best self:

(Essel) "A lot of people when they get into a relationship, they lose themselves. Obviously not a healthy choice, but that's what a lot of us do."

Essel says taking the time when you're single to analyze what went wrong in past relationships, can set you up for a better romantic future:

(Essel) "When we look at the dysfunction of stress and relationships, it can take awhile to let those resentments go. So we say 'hey, this is the perfect time to be single,' mentally and let's work on letting go of the past. Let's look at forgiving those people that were not good choices for you."

Essel says use your single time to get so comfortable with yourself that a new love coming into the picture is just icing on the cake.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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