Under Fire In Iraq

In July 2004, our War Stories documentary team returned to Iraq to cover what everyone hoped would be the beginning of the end of the war against Saddam Hussein’s regime. It was a false hope.

This podcast is about the courage and perseverance of the American heroes who hoped to bring democracy to the “land between the rivers” in Mesopotamia.

The men of 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, affectionately known as “The Magnificent Bastards”, claim a lineage dating back to battlefields of the Pacific during World War II.

In July, 2004 – 60 years after their forebears stormed ashore in the Pacific, the Marines of 2/4 were up against an equally well-armed, brutal and often suicidal enemy in gun fights on the streets of Ramadi, Iraq. It was then known as the bloodiest place on the planet earth.

In this War Stories podcast, you’ll learn of the enemy they faced every day. Listen carefully to eyewitness participants as they describe how they deal with improvised explosive devices or IEDs.