Good news on gas prices as we head into the fourth of July weekend.

FOX's Lisa Lacerra reports:

The average price of gas down seven cents over the past two weeks to $2.32 a gallon... The reason:

(Lundberg) "Crude oil prices dropped about 6 and half cents per gallon equivalent in these two weeks. Refiners passed that price break through into their wholesale gasoline prices and retailers pass them through to us."

Analyst Trilby Lundberg with the Lundberg Survey, who says the national average is four cents a gallon, below what it was a year ago:

(Lundberg) "If crude oil prices do not bounce right back up in the very near future, then we should see a few more cents decline by July 4th."

The highest price in San Francisco at $3.06. The lowest In Charleston, South Carolina at $1.91.

Lisa Lacerra, FOX News.