"We have a soft revolution happening in this country right now and after the Scalise incident, it's not a soft revolution anymore. It's becoming a violent revolution from the left that has been intentionally trying to disrupt the transition of power in this country and I have never seen anything like it before."

---General Tata on the left's resistance movement becoming a violent revolution

General AJ Tata (Ret) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the Democrat narrative of the Russians interfering in the election coming back to bite them now that it's known that President Obama knew about Russian interference. The General went on to discuss how the lefts radical resistance movement against President Trump has become a violent revolution intentionally trying to disrupt the transition of power.

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General Tata on the democrat and media's Russian election tampering narrative came back to bite them

(TATA) Every poll was showing Hillary was up 4, 5, 8 points so they didn't want to do anything that might put a stink on the election because they thought they had it in the bag so this is where the mainstream media's big narrative that Hillary had this in the bag really came back to bit them in the rear end.