FOX's Ashley Dvorkin gets the scoop on country music artist's must-have food in this FOX Country Music Profile:

Country singers are always busy with sure dates throughout the year, so when it comes to what they pack on the tour bus, sometimes its comforting, just to have their favorite foods on board. Like for Frankie Ballard:

(Ballard) "You know one thing I've got to have on the road is a giant jar of peanut butter and sometimes it's on a banana and sometimes it's on an apple."

The Swon Brothers have their choice items:

(Swon Brothers) "Pickles... I have to have pickles."

Josh Turner says the schedule is so busy, he knows what he needs to bring along:

(Turner) "There's these things that you can get from Whole Foods. They are called Pro Bars and the peanut butter chocolate chip. Like I've joked that the name of my autobiography is gonna be 'Pro Bars Saved My Life.'"

Justin Moore keeps the coffee brewing:

(Moore) "Coffee's the one thing that gets me going."

And Craig Campbell goes one step further:

(Campbell) "Normally we bring our own pillows. But one thing I always have with me no matter where I go is my own coffee creamer."

After all says Frankie Ballard:

(Ballard) "It's survival of the fittest out there."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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