An elderly Chicago man who made big bucks in the stock market gave it all away to a wildlife group.

FOX's Anna Eliopoulos reports:

98-year-old Russ Gremel never had kids and never got married. So, after sitting on a thousand dollars worth of Walgreens shares that he purchased decades ago, he ended up with stocks worth $2 million and he told the Chicago Tribune what he wanted to do with it:

(Gremel) "What am I going to do with this money? Give it to my relatives and ruin their lives? No, I'm going to leave it to the Audobon." 

The Illinois Audobon Society that is. That money was used by the wildlife conservation group to purchase 400 acres near Dixon, Illinois and this past weekend, the World War II vet was there at the opening of the Gremel Wildlife Sanctuary.

(Gremel) "That's what money is for. If you can't do good with it, don't have it."

Anna Eliopoulos, FOX News.