A legendary musical instrument brings big bucks.

FOX's Rich Denison reports:

A guitar dubbed "The Wolf," used extensively by the Grateful Dead's late Jerry Garcia sold for just under $2 million at auction in New York last night.

(Grateful Dead) "Just keep truckin'."

"The Wolf" saw its first appearance in a 1973 Grateful Dead performance for the Hells Angels in New York. It also is seen in the Grateful Dead movie directed by Garcia in 1977.

(Grateful Dead) "I will get by..."

Deadhead Daniel Pritzker bought the guitar for just under $800,000 15 years ago, and says playing the iconic guitar has been a privilege, but it was time for Wolf to do some good.

(Grateful Dead) "Saw my baby down by the river."

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Rich Denison, FOX News.

(Guernsey's via AP)