Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sounded off on President Trump and possible Russian involvement in the election at a California conference.

FOX's Gurnal Scott with the story:

At the Code Conference, a tech gathering in Rancho Palos Verdes, Clinton said Russian hacks that the intel community alleges influenced the election could not have been done alone, in other words:

(Clinton) "Could not have known how best to weaponized that information unless they had been guided."

Clinton says with missteps by the Trump administration, there is a road map to Democratic success:

(Clinton) "Win elections in New Jersey and Virginia in 2017. We've got to take the House back and keep our incumbents and maybe make progress in the Senate. Everything will change if we win in 2018."

Some are calling Clinton's remarks among her most candid since the election. 

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.

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