Kathy Griffin has taken a photo that is not being too well received on social media.

FOX's Michelle Pollino reports:

Kathy Griffin's portrait of herself holding a bloodied head of President Trump has set the internet ablaze. TMZ posting the picture of the red headed firebrand, who makes a living from outrageous statements, it was shot with famed photograph Tyler Shields, who's known for shocking portraits.

Griffin saying to her biographer, the image is an expression of art, but many disagreeing on social media saying it's offensive. One wrote, "Never thought Griffin's desperate humor was funny. She must be so sad when the cameras are off." Another wrote, "If this was President Obama, the left would be up in arms."

TMZ has a poll underneath the picture asking if she went to far or not enough. An overwhelming majority says too far.

Michelle Pollino, FOX News.

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