FOX's Ginny Kosola provides some helpful tips to avoid a miserable vacation:

Preparation can keep your identity safe on your next vacation says identity theft expert Adam Levin, founder of Cyber Scout. He says secure your home, and don't reveal online that you're going away. Before you leave, contact your banks and credit card companies:

(Levin) "Tell them when you're leaving, where you're going, when you'll be back.. and be very specific about where you're going to be."

Levin says back-up your ID:

(Levin) "You should also scan your most important information, identification documents into an encryped thumb drive, that you carry with you, and maybe leave copies of important documents with family and friends that you trust."

He says take one or two credit cards to carry, and one to put in the hotel safe, in case the others are stolen..

(Levin) "Use credit cards as opposed to debit cards, because they're much more robust when it comes to fraud protection. Plus remember, with a credit card it's their money, with a debit card it's your money." 

And Levin says, when you're traveling, put your valuables and your devices in the hotel safe.

I'm Ginny Kosola.