Celebrities are reacting to Monday's deadly UK Terror Attack following an Arianna Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

FOX's Laura Ingle takes you behind the music in today's "Bonus Track":

The explosion that killed over 20 concert-goers in Manchester this week outside an Arianna Grande show has prompted strong and swift reaction from the music world.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry speaking through his Instagram, saying, his first reaction was to not give concerts becauseĀ its putting fans in danger, but then added, "if there's one thing I learned touringĀ all these years. It's that you carry on. That is the way you fight back. We will take every precaution to keep our fans safe, to celebrate our freedom and strike back in the face of terror."

Taylor Swift tweeting, "my thoughts and prayers and tears for all of those effected." Bruno Mars on Twitter, "I don't want to believe the world we live in could be so cruel." And Boy George adding on Twitter, "so desperately sad about Manchester."

Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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