"I think this has been one of the most successful international presidential trips we have seen in a long time and I think the strategy of going to the centers of the three major religions has been an excellent one because it turns the talk about the war on terrorism into putting it on the backs of those around the world to say hey, this is an ideology we have to defeat and it starts with driving them out of our houses of worship and uniting together. I think it's been a very good trip for him"

---Presidential Historian Jane Hampton Cook on President Trump's first international trip

Presidential Historian Jane Hampton Cook spoke with Brian Kilmeade about why she feels President Trump's first overseas trip is one of the most successful trips we have seen in a long time. Cook talks about how his strategy of visiting countries representing the three major religions can help unite us in the war on terror. She goes on to discuss why President Trump calling terrorists losers, not only marginalizes them but shows them they are not winning.

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