"First of all the real winners in all of this are the Russians. We have more confusion and alarm, Washington explodes again. It distracts us from what we ought to be focusing on which is North Korea, the Islamic State, NATO Russian relations. So they are the real winners in it and that is perhaps the worst of all of it....I will also add a tactical point, when the President provides that kind of information to Russia, our allies are going to be less inclined to share with us."

---Admiral Stavridis on the impact of President Trump's allegedly giving classified information to Russian officials

Admiral James Stavridis, Former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO and Dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about President Trump allegedly passing along classified information to Russian officials. Stavridis believes, from a tactical point, when the President provides sensitive information of this nature to Russia it can lead to our allies being less inclined to share information with us and distracts us from focusing on North Korea and the war on terror.

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