Many married couples go through roller coasters during their partnership, one is trying to have a kid.

FOX's Ashley Papa has 'FOX on Love':

The strength of a marriage can often be determined by how both people handle problems that arise, many times that are out of one's control. For example, having children. Many couples, like Christine and Aaron Kahan, authors of the book, "Navigating the Road of Infertility", experience this challenge.

The Kahan's say this sensitive issue can really test a relationship:

(Christine) "When it takes longer than six months to a year you kind of quietly look at each other and you start to play the blame game."

The Kahan's say it can be an emotional roller coaster, when there is difficulty getting pregnant. That's why they stress the importance of communication:

(Christine) "They're going to experience a myriad of emotions and as they go through that spectrum of emotions to know that it's okay, everything they're feeling and it's really important to not shut each other out."

Remember that infertility affects both partners, by supporting each other through the ups and downs, you may just come out even stronger.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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