In most cases, TV imitates life, but in this New Mexico crime, it's the other way around.

FOX's Anna Eliopoulos explains:

It may not have happened in Albuquerque, but another town in New Mexico is seeing a real-life... Breaking Bad.

Authorities in Las Cruces say 56-year-old John Gose, a former science teacher, has pleaded guilty to manufacturing meth. That's the same narcotic that the hit drama's lead character Walter White, a former science teacher turned drug kingpin, also specialized in.

Officials found on Gose's property and car the ingredients and tools to make at least one pound of meth. No word if he had a sidekick a la Jesse Pinkman:

(Pinkman) "Yeah Mister White. Yeah Science!" 

Anna Eliopoulos, FOX News.