What necessities do country music stars bring on tour?

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin gets the scoop in this FOX Country Profile:

Country music stars spend so many dates on tour, that it's important to bring a piece of home with them. A lot of them, including, Dustin Lynch, like to bring something as simple as their own pillows:

(Lynch) "I spend more time on the bus in that bed then at my house, so I have to make it super comfy."

William Michael Morgan has the same comfort from home with him:

(Morgan) "I usually keep a pillow with me. You know it's just simple, but it's those little things, you know?"

The same goes for RaeLynn:

(Lynn) "I always bring my own pillow and I bring my dogs, Dolly and Jess."

For Lauren Alaina, it's all about being comfy:

(Alaina) "I always take a onezy with me everywhere I go. I have 18 of them, so I just like take one on a trip, take it home, wash it, grab another one and keep it going."

And Cam has a very personalized bunk, plus make sure to have many ways to reach those back home:

(Cam) "In my bunk and stuff on the bus, I have like a little yellow bed made up, which is really cute. And probably honestly, the biggest thing is having like Skype or Facetime so I can talk to my husband."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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