"Everybody loved to blame the Freedom Caucus for this bill 3 or 4 weeks ago for its defeat. The reality was there were plenty of moderates, there was about 43 no votes a month ago. About 23 of those were the Freedom Caucus, about half so the other half were the moderates. Well today all of the Freedom Caucus are with the bill, are for it. So you have fundamentally the Tuesday Group, the moderates, who Paul Ryan is trying to get in line and that's the tough job of speaker, to whipping these votes and trying to get the bill crafted so you can get those folks. I think Mark Meadows is working with them to try to get there."

---Dave Bossie on how the moderate republicans are the ones holding up repealing and replacing Obamacare this time

Former Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald Trump David Bossie joined Brian Kilmeade and explained why this time the moderate Republicans are the ones holding up healthcare reform. Bossie also discussed how the President's relationship with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has changed and went on to say why sometimes a no win situation is not always the worst situation.

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