"President Trump realizes the dangers of a conflict with North Korea to South Korea, to Japan for our troops, to the region, to the world but he is resolved to not let this man hit America with a nuclear weapon."

---Lindsey Graham on President Trump's resolve to stop North Korea from hitting America with a nuclear weapon

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined Brian Kilmeade to tell him why he's very pleased with the way both President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are growing America's relationship with China in their efforts to reign in North Korea. Graham also touched on the possibility of a war with North Korea and why the goal should be to keep the war in the Asia Pacific Region and away from American soil.

Listen here:

Lindsey Graham on President Trump & Secretary of State Rex Tillerson getting China to be more aggressive with North Korea in the last 100 days than any president has done in the last 25 years

(Graham) He has a good relationship with the president of China. I have seen more movement by China to deal with North Korea more aggressively in the last hundred days than I have seen in the last twenty five years and I am going to give Secretary Tillerson and President Trump all the credit because they deserve it. But he said (President Trump) I have I got a good relationship with him (China's president Xi Jinping) famous last words, I think we can do business together. He's well aware of the double dealing nature of China when it comes to trade, when it comes to intellectual property and North Korea. He is doing the right thing by trying to form a relationship with the President of China and convincing China that is in your best interest to help me deal with this problem because I will deal with it, will deal with North Korea if you will not. So I think it's the perfect strategy.

Lindsey Graham on the options we have when it comes to dealing with North Korea

(Graham) We live at a world of bad choices so you know I don't, I'm not trying to sway your audience that they're really good options when it comes to North Korea. The first thing that President Trump has understand and he does is that America comes first when it comes to threats to the homeland. So they have thousands of artillery pieces inside a mountain that could do a lot of damage to Seoul out Korea, a great ally, we have soldiers in South Korea, we have business people living in South Korea, here's the deal, if Trump had to, he would stop the North Korean regime from being able to attack the American homeland with a nuclear weapon on top of an ICBM and that means military force applied against North Korea could start a major war. They could do damage to South Korea, we may not get all of their missiles but I'll tell you what, I know how that war ends, that's the destruction of North Korea, we will obliterate the place.

Now these are the bad options you have, if there's going to be a war with North Korea over protecting the American homeland, my goal is to keep the war over there. It would be terrible for the region, it would be bad for China, be bad for South Korea, be bad for Japan and be bad for the world at large but Trump would prevent more Korea from taking the war to America because he would stop their missile program... And do you know who is going to win the war between North Korea and the United States of the United States? We will.