A long running military shooter goes back to its roots, and a Nintendo executive is stepping down from his position.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has more in the latest "FOX Bits":

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One of the longest running first person shooters going back to basics, 'Call of Duty' showing off its next game in the series.

Set in Europe during World War II. The game promises to give a players an up close and personal tour by letting them storm the beaches of Normandy, liberate Paris and push the war front into Germany.
Recently the series has been focused on more current conflicts, even reaching into futuristic warfare.

Another longtime Nintendo employee stepping down, Genyo Takeda, considered by many to be the House of Mario's first game designer. He is retiring after 45 years at the company.

Takeda had a key role in designing the controller for the N64 and created iconic boxing game 'Punch-out', which at one time had licensed Mike Tyson's name.

Enjoy retirement Takeda-san.

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