Can taking a break from dating apps help your love life?

FOX's Ashley Papa dives into that question on 'FOX on Love':

Many couples meet on dating apps these days. And that's a good thing. But can relying too much on technology ruin our chances at finding love, too?

Bustle's sex and relationships editor, Michelle Toglia, leads 'App-less April' and says with so many apps, it takes away the desire to meet people in real life:

(Toglia) "I think it's a combination of dating app addiction and dating app burnout. It feels like a game. They're so easily integrated into our daily lives. We check them as soon as we wake up, on our commute, throughout the day, at night, so it's just like checking Instagram or Snapchat."

Toglia says endless dating options creates a mentality where you almost dehumanize people. Breaking the dating app addiction can be hard at first:

(Toglia) "I think it's really about changing your habits. Whether it's approaching someone for the first time, which can be nerve racking-but it's just about confidence."

Remember that online dating and apps haven't been around that long. It's an option, but Toglia says don't make it your only means of finding true love.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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