"It was, I think surprisingly tough. The whole situation was a little weird because Tom (Shillue), when they made the decision, Tom was actually out of town, the host of the show and I was filling in as host so it sort of fell to me to make the announcement...Yeah it was a really weird feeling. We had been living with the threat of cancellation from day one. We were a weird show for a news network and we were on at three in the morning and for a lot of years we would come in every week and say well, maybe this will be the week they finally get around to canceling us. It sort of became a running joke after a while but then things looked okay and then all of a sudden out of the blue."

--Andy Levy on learning Red Eye was being canceled

Andy Levy joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed the news of the day and shared how difficult it was to learn that Red Eye was being canceled after 10 years on the Fox News Channel.

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