Country music continues to change.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin reports:

I'm Ashley Dvorkin.

The sound of country music continues to evolve as artists show their influences through their music. At the Academy of Country Music Awards, I talked about the changing format with Maren Morris and Brandy Clark:

(Morris) "I think it's great for the genre personally because I grew up listening to everything and if these songs can sort of be the 'gateway drug' to bring people that don't normally listen to country into the genre and start to go back and listen to Johnny Cash and like Patsy Cline and the 90's era, I think it's only helpful for our genre to push the boundaries and bring new listeners in."

Clark likes that the genre continues to evolve:

(Clark) "I think that Country's has always had elements of other music: Pop, Rock, R&B. I've always felt R&B and Country were cousins, so I think if it's good music, it's good music."

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