An Iraqi official says despite losing ground in Iraq, ISIS isn't going away.

FOX's Jessica Golloher has the details:

ISIS is seeking cooperation with another Islamic militant group, Al Qaeda. Iraqi vice president Ayad Allawi says the contact comes as Iraqi troops continue their push to oust ISIS from Mosul.

Allawi says he got the information from Iraqi and regional contacts. ISIS split from Al-Qaeda in 2014. Since then, the two groups have been fighting over funding and recruits.

Al-Qaeda has openly criticized ISISĀ for its brutal methods, including but not limited to drowning, immolation and beheadings. ISIS has lost more than half of its territory in Iraq and Syria. Despite this, Allawi saying even if ISISĀ loses all of its area in Iraq, it's not going away.

In the Mideast Bureau, Jessica Golloher, FOX News.