"We are looking at a country that is going really fast toward a deliverable nuclear weapon and potentially a deliverable nuclear weapon on an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach a U.S. city. So I don't think they are just going to fire it off at the U.S. but what they're trying to do is say U.S. you get out of South Korea, we don't want to see you in Korea anymore and if you don't we may hold you at risk. And our answer is well, we will obliterate you but the question is would we want to obliterate North Korea with the price of a U.S. City? I am not so sure and the South Korean people are not so sure."

---Ambassador Chris Hill on how choosing to obliterate North Korea would come at the price of a U.S. city

Christopher Hill, former Ambassador to South Korea, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the growing tensions between the U.S. & North Korea. Ambassador Hill said North Korea is moving fast toward having the capability of delivering a nuclear weapon that could strike an American city and explained that China has done some positive things to help put economic pressure on North Korean President Kim Jong-un because they don't want him having nuclear weapons either. Hill also praised the Trump Administration's handling of their first big crisis and importance of sending Vice President Pence to South Korea to talk with them and Japan about working together to solve the North Korean crisis in a peaceful diplomatic way.

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