Many families will be gathering this weekend to celebrate Easter.

And that is the topic of this week's America's Talking:

What does Easter mean to you?

Easter is the resurrection of Christ. A new beginning and a time to celebrate that with family.

Easter means that it's gonna get more flowery and it's just going to get greener and it is just the start of spring.

It's a time for my family to gather, worship together, and we have dinner together. And so it puts meaning into our spirituality.

Chocolate... egg hunt...

To me, Easter is the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead and it's a very special time for my family and I to get together and have a meal.

It's exciting, I like the chocolate egg.

I think it's clearly about Christ and rebirth. 

Easter's a time when the family gets together and we all celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead and a new beginning.

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