"The media wants to perpetuate a narrative of Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones is telling the President what to do, nobody tells the president what to do. He takes advice and council from staffers across the spectrum and that he makes his own decision and I think what he is saying here very clearly is I will be the final decision maker on everything that happens so please don't give someone else too much credit for what he actually achieved and he was the driving force behind that campaign. Let me be very, very clear about that."

--- Corey Lewandowski on President Trump making all final decisions on what is best for his agenda

Former Campaign Manager For Donald Trump Corey Lewandowski spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the internal fighting in the Trump administration and the apparent demotion of Steve Bannon. Corey says anyone who is a member of the Trump administration needs to be on the same page as the President and his agenda or they should not be working for the administration. One major mistake Lewandowski believes Bannon and others make is losing sight that there is only one star in the Trump administration and that is President Trump.

On Syria, Lewandowski says the President's decision to strike Assad for using chemical weapons is a message to the world that the Trump administration is an 180 degree turn from the Obama administration and will take decisive action when a red line is crossed.

Plus, Lewandowski weighed in on the FBI ordering surveillance on Carter Page.

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Corey Lewandowski on Steve Bannon's role being diminished in the Trump administration

(Kilmeade) It seems as though Steve Bannon might be getting a brush back pitch or be shown the door. I think that would be a mistake, I am curious to see what your take is? But the president said yesterday keep in mind Steve Bannon came in August and by that time I had already vanquished all the senators and governors on the republican side, I think that he was trying to diminish Steve Bannon's role and he also relayed to Maria Bartiromo that he told Steve Bannon I am tired of the fighting go work it out. Read between the lines Corey Lewandowski.

(Lewandowski) If you read the first part of that sentence he should have said Corey Lewandowski helped vanquish all of those republican governors and senators because that was my job in the republican primary so I am very grateful to have a small part in that. But look, here is where things are and its very, very clear, anybody who works for this administration that is not on the President's agenda should not be working for the administration and let me be clear and I know this president exceptionally well, he is the final decision maker. He is the person who at the end of the day who will decide what is best for his agenda, there is nobody but the president who is the ultimate decision maker.