"This is the biggest thing I think the administration has done, at least it's as big as they have done here in the first 100 days. The president has instructed all of the agencies to start to rebuild the executive branch of government from a blank sheet of paper. That's never been done. By the way, it would be ordinary in business, a business might try to recreate itself, restructure itself every so often as market needs dictate and managements change and your products change and so forth. The government hasn't done it in some cases for 200 years and in some places you have an 18th century structure governing in the 21st century. That's bizarre and it would only happen in government and what you have in Trump, who is sort of a businessman-in -chief, said look, we are going to take, this private sector concept and bring it to the executive branch. This is the most exciting thing I think I have worked on since I have been here."

--- Mick Mulvaney on President Trump's plan to streamline federal agencies

Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss President Trump's agenda to streamline federal agencies and his role in helping help the President implement those budget cuts. Mulvaney said the President is looking to restructure the executive branch to run more like a private business and bring government agencies into the 21st century way of operating.

On republicans coming together to repeal and replace Obamacare, Mulvaney believes this will happen soon and also took exception with the perception that it was solely the Freedom Caucus who held up passing Paul Ryan's replacement plan. Mulvaney explained that half of the Freedom Caucus wound up supporting the plan while some moderates wound up backing off of their support because they felt the Ryan plan was too conservative.

Plus, Mulvaney revealed what it is like to play golf with President Trump and Brian offered him some advice on what to do the next time they hit the links.

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