A disability isn't holding a pro gamer back and a lawsuit beats the cheaters.

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At the first event of the 'Capcom World Tour' in Madrid, a surprise for the 'Sonic Boom Street Fighter Five Tournament':

Sven van de Wege (@SvenvandeWege) of the Netherlands has been blind since he was six years old and surprised everyone when he won a match in the tourney. Announcer Damascus (@zDamascus) calling the win.
After the win, Sven explained how he did it.

While he didn't win the entire tournament, the win has impressed the community and in a win for gamers.
Game maker Blizzard winning an $8.5 million lawsuit against German PC cheat software maker Bossland for copyright infringement.
Some examples of cheats: Wall hacking allows cheaters to see through walls:

Aimbots- Automatic Aiming:

Gather Bots - Does Tedious Quests while Away from Game:


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