Rep. Adam Kinzinger, U.S. Representative for Illinois 16th congressional district, joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss former national security adviser Susan Rice asking the NSA to give transcripts of President Trump administration officials talking with foreign leaders. He said:

I think if it was any other administration, I think there would be huge outrage. It's definitely very concerning and there's a lot of details we need to know as this information is just breaking, but I think it definitely deserves further looks. Now I think we have to make sure we're not conflating these two issues. Number one, there's the issue of Russia and Russia's involvement in the election which we need to know about, especially for the future. And then secondly is this idea of trying to discredit incoming administration and unmasking a name for political purposes, where it basically goes from saying 'person a', which is what we do to protect basically American citizens who are caught up in incidental collection. To unmask that and then leak it, if in fact that was done which it looks like maybe that was, that is a hugely criminal problem and I think, I'm not a law expert, but I think that's punishable for up to 10 years in the pen.

Rep. Kinzinger on the revival of healthcare coming out of the House:

I was in a meeting with the Vice President yesterday at the White House and Reince Priebus and there was a group of about eight of us, and these ideas, there were some ideas that were presented to us which may be able to try to find a middle ground of where we are in healthcare. I don't want to say I'm overly optimistic yet at this point because again its really up to 30 people that were going to vote no as to whether they come around and vote yes and then as you make changes of course there are different people that are going to look at this and say 'well that's a concern or this.' It's the sausage making of legislating. It's encouraging to me that this dialogue is happening, that it's back open, but what I get concerned with is there's going to be all this media that healthcare is revived and then for whatever reason lets say we don't get to an agreement yet it will be seen as a second failure.

Rep. Kinzinger on North Korea heading in a reckless direction:

Remember when President Trump met with Obama right after he was elected, President Obama said to him 'your biggest challenge is going to be North Korea'. The reality is North Korea is where we fear that Iran will be some day. North Korea now has nuclear weapons. They're attempting to miniaturize those weapons and put them on an intercontinental ballistic missile, which is the thing that flies out into space and comes down and nukes us or can do an EMP which will take out the entire electric grid for the country. So this has gone from where it was just kind of a crazy guy in North Korea, or as McCain called him crazy fat kid, to now where there's a real threat that if this is married to an intercontinental ballistic missile it is a eminent threat to the United States. So we have entered a new phase now where we are literally having to be concerned with the survival of us and our allies. It's a very frightening place to be at.