Gov Greg Abbott (R-TX) On Working To Ban Sanctuary Cities In Texas

ďTexas as a state, and I as a governor, are coming down hard on sanctuary city policies. The city of Austin was recently identified by ICE or the Department of Homeland Security as the worst offender in the entire United States of America with regard to releasing people from behind bars who were subject to an ICE retainer or an ICE hold request. As a result I have defunded Travis County, which is where the city of Austin is located, from any government grants from the governorís office thatís to the time of $1.8 million dollars. But on top of that the state of Texas is coming out with a very strong ban on sanctuary cities that will put teeth into it so that the city of Austin or Travis County or any governmental body in the state of Texas will have to pay a price so stiff they will not be able to adopt sanctuary city policies.”

—Governor Abbott on what he is dong to ban sanctuary cities in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the House vote to repeal Obamacare and the impact it will have in Texas, the role he is playing in the building of the border wall, how sanctuary cities undermine the safety and security of all Americans and what he is doing to stop the continued release of criminally charged illegal immigrants.

Plus, Gov Abbott commented on officials in Maryland blaming Texas for releasing an illegal immigrant who allegedly raped a 14 year old Rockville high school student.

Listen here:

Governor Abbott on Montgomery Council President Roger Berliner blaming Texas ICE officials and not accepting any blame for an illegal alien allegedly raping a high school student in Maryland

(ABBOTT) It is both irresponsible and reprehensible. One of the functions of government is to apprehend and control and if necessary keep behind bars or repatriate anybody who is a dangerous criminal or here illegally. If we are to keep our communities safe from crimes like this rape in Maryland, we have to be responsible with our immigration system and our expatriation process so tragedies like this will not occur.