"Nobody should be surprised, this is ISIS's new method of operation. They are not going to go giant and big and spectacular like 9/11, they are looking at classic guerrilla warfare, cheap, cheap, cheap and great impact unfortunately."

---Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump, on ISIS using guerrilla warfare tactics instead of 9/11 style attacks

Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined Kilmeade & Friends to give his analysis on the terrorist attack in London. Dr. Gorka said the terrorist attack is an example of ISIS's new method of operation, which he calls "classic guerrilla warfare", is easier to pull off because it can be done cheaply and still achieve great impact. Gorka explained that while it is still too early to say whether the London terrorist acted alone or was part of a larger group, if he had to guess he would say this attack will have a broader connection to more people. Dr. Gorka offered praise for British intelligence not only for how they have handle terrorist threats but also for their assistance in helping foil potential terrorist attacks against U.S. targets.

Plus, Dr. Gorka explains why he believes President Trump's executive travel ban order will ultimately stand up and be legally implemented.

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Dr. Gorka on why he believes President Trump's executive travel ban order will eventually stand and be implemented

(GORKA) I find it interesting that you can have a member of the bench issue a 43 page response within 2 or 3 hours of our new executive order being released, you can barely read 43 pages in 2 hours. That seems to indicate that whatever our executive order was going to be, there was a politically motivated preparation. And again, let's go back to the basics, for the last 60 years in U.S. administrative and federal law it is the President's prerogative to decide upon who comes into America and to which standards immigrants are measured. That is not debatable, that is not done by a federal judge, a state, it is the prerogative of the White House to make those decisions and that's why these executive orders that are here to defend and protect American's will stand.