Television Icon Chuck Barris Dead

A television icon has passed away.

FOX’s Jack Callaghan has details:

Chuck Barris proclaimed himself the “King of Daytime Television,” having created some of its most popular game shows of the 60’s and 70’s…

It’s the Dating Game!… It’s The Newlywed Game!

He later produced and starred in the strangest of them…

Barris admitting in a television interview 10 years ago that ‘The Gong Show’ would likely be his epitath

(Barris) “I think on my tombstone, it’s just going to say ‘Gonged at last.'”

Along the way Barris claimed he’d been a CIA hitman, although the government denied that. He wrote most of the music used in his show and also penned a top 40 hit…

Dead from natural causes in his Pallisades, New York, home. Chuck Barris was 87.

Jack Callaghan, FOX News.