"I don't think they have the votes unless they make some last minute changes. I believe the president is having the Freedom Caucus over to the White House to talk about what they can get done. The problem is really not a left or right issue, there is nothing in this House bill that is going to push down the cost of health insurance. All the drivers in Obamacare that pushed the prices up, most of them stay in place."

---Former Senator Jim DeMint on why he does not believe the Republicans have enough conservative votes in the House to pass Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement bill

President of The Heritage Foundation and former Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about his objections to Speaker Ryan's Obamacare replacement bill and why he believes the Republicans in the House will not have enough votes to pass the bill in its current form. Among the elements of the bill that DeMint objects to are keeping elements from Obamacare such as the continued expansion of Medicare. DeMint also took exception to Karl Rove's comments earlier on Kilmeade & Friends where he said some of the conservatives objections to keeping elements of Obamacare in the replacement bill are "Unhinged."

Listen here:

Jim DeMint disagreeing with Karl Rove saying conservative objections to Speaker Ryan's Obamacare replacement bill are "unhinged"

(Kilmeade) Do you understand his point?

(DEMINT) I do, Karl is the one who pushed "no child left behind" and Medicare part D and I just think we have learned we don't need big government programs so I appreciate his point of view but the fact is this bill is not going to make the cost of insurance go down, it's not going to create a more patient centered health system. There are some things we can do that I think can pass the House & Senate and that's just what we are pushing for right now. We are not looking for perfection.