Don’t Blame Mom & Dad for That Nose!


Mom and dad’s genetics may not be to blame for the big nose.

FOX’s Alex Hein with details on a new study with your “Housecall for Health”:

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It may be time to cut your mom and dad some slack about the ill-fated shape of your nose, as a new study suggests its not your ancestors fault per say, but rather the ancestral climate that’s to blame for how you look.

The researchers, from Penn State University, believe noses were shaped over time by local climates as ancestors adapted to either warmth and humidity or cold and dry air.

The study involved 3D facial imaging of nostrils and nose shapes and measurements of nostril width, which is the distance between the nostrils, nose height, nose ridge length and how far it sticks out.

They noted that noses serve as a way for humans to condition the air before it reaches the lungs. Using that reasoning it’s fair to argue that natural selection led to certain noses being more fit for certain climates than others.

Narrower nostrils for instance, were better suited to moisten and warm air, which is important in cold dry regions.

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