The Russian spy ship first spotted off the Delaware coast last month is back.

FOX's Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon: 

U.S. officials tell FOX the Russian spy ship Victor Leonov has returned to waters off the east coast of the United States. Last week, the Russian spy ship made a port call in Havanna to refuel and resupply.

Now, the ship has been spotted by U.S. intelligence 20 miles southeast of a U.S. Navy submarine base in Kings Bay, Georgia heading north. The spy ship remains in international waters. U.S. territorial waters extend 12 miles from shore.

The Russian spy ship has not been seen off the east coast in the past two years before appearing last month, venturing as far north as off the coast of Connecticut last month, home to another U.S. Navy submarine base.

At the Pentagon, Lucas Tomlinson, FOX News.

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