Fewer people would have health insurance under the Republican health care bill, but a government report also points to lower premiums and a reduced deficits.

FOX’s Jared Halpern has more from Capitol Hill: 

The Republican health care bill would lead to millions more without health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office projects 14 million more people would not have coverage next year and by 2026, an estimated 24 million more people would be uninsured, compared to the current law.

Those reductions are a mix of people opting out of insurance due to repeal of mandates and a freeze in Medicaid expansion beginning in 2020.

Reductions in Medicaid would also lead to reductions in federal deficits. The CBO estimating a savings of $337 billion by 2026, stemming from Medicaid reductions and the elimination of subsidies.

On Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, FOX News.

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