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"Diner | Fargo Installment 3 Promo | FX."

This teaser for the upcoming third season is getting some buzz. It features actor Ewan McGregor who is almost unrecognizable, wearing heavy make-up, a mustache and sporting long hair. Viewers will have to see to believe. The next installment of the TV series begins April 19th on FX.

And, get ready for a blast from the past...

"DuckTales First Look | DuckTales | Disney XD."

Fans of the classic 80's show are flying high with excitement over this upcoming reboot that features the feathered family... with glimpses of action packed, animated adventures. The show premieres this summer on Disney XD.

Another clip making the rounds...

"Bright | Teaser | Netflix."

This sneak peek of the Netflix original film shows Will Smith playing a cop in a reality that mixes humans with fantasy beings including orcs, elves and fairies. Bright hits Netflix this December.

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