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“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – Official US Trailer.”

Because it’s never to early to start thinking about holiday cheer… this trending glimpse into the festive featurette shows Olaf on a mission to gather some top notch holiday ideas for his friends. The short is slated to appear in front of the upcoming movie, Coco.

And, speaking of Coco

“Coco – Official US Trailer.”

This look into the upcoming animated movie follows a boy named Miguel who travels to the Land of the Dead, where he begins to unravel a mystery regarding his family. The movie is in theaters November 22nd.

And, the afterlife takes center stage in this next clip…

“FLATLINERS – Official Trailer (HD).”

This sneak peek into the upcoming movie shows a group of doctors engaging in a dangerous experiment before things take a creepy turn. The move is in theaters September 29th.

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