Here's what's going viral now on Facebook.

"Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer 20th Century FOX."

This glimpse into the upcoming installment of the "Alien" franchise shows a crew on a mission to colonize a faraway planet and learning not everything is as it seems. The crew are shown encountering aliens and the infamous Xenomorph is revealed. The movie invades theaters May 19th.

Another monster is roaring to popularity online...

"Kong: Skull Island - Rise of the King ."

This action-packed trailer shows an expedition crew embarking on a mission to an uncharted island and discovering it's inhabited by massive beasts. The movie is in theaters March 10th.

And, this fictional villain is going viral...

"'Gaston' Clip - Disney's Beauty and the Beast."

This sneak peek shows Josh Gad playing the character LeFou, singing inside a tavern with some locals about the character Gaston, played by Luke Evans. The live action re-telling of the fairy tale enchants theaters March 17th.

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