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Two of the stars of 'Logan' are stepping away from the 'X-Men' franchise.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin reports: 

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your red carpet celebrity profile.

I caught up with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart at a fan event for their new Wolverine movie 'Logan' where I asked Jackman if anyone has been able to convince him not to retire from the franchise yet, not even his friend Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds?:

(Jackman) "He's parked outside my apartment like the last six months."

Stewart delivered the news that he recently decided he is done with playing Professor X:

(Stewart) "Sitting beside Hugh watching him say goodbye, I realized there will be no more perfect time to say au revoir adios goodbye."

So when it comes to mementos saved from their time in the X-Men universe, Jackman says he's built up quite a collection:

(Jackman) "Someone knocked on my door at the end of X-Men 1 with a garbage bag with my suit in it, I had 10 suits. I said eh I'll get it later. He said no you don't understand, nine have gone in the last hour. Take it. From that moment on, pretty much everything. Soaps, towels in the trailer."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.