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FOX's Laura Ingle has the story in this "Bonus Track":

(Pink Floyd) "Another brick in the wall."

While America and Mexico waits for the "big beautiful wall" President Donald Trump has promised to have built between the two countries. The possibility has given Pink Floyd's co-founder Roger Waters an idea.

Euronews is reporting that during an appearance with his fellow Pink Floyd co-founder Nick Mason, Waters said he was considering a performance of Floyd's classic song "The Wall" at the U.S.-Mexico border. Fans will know the idea of performing "The Wall" near an actual wall is not new for Waters. He did it in 1990 in Berlin; eight months after the fall of the Berlin wall, leading an all-star lineup through a performance, later commemorated with an album and film.

Even if the U.S.-Mexico wall performance doesn't materialize, Waters is keeping busy. He's plotting a North American tour, preparing for the release of his first solo LP in years and has also expressed interests to reunite with fellow Floyd survivors Mason and David Gilmour.

I'm Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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