"Yes, and I would say those budget numbers are probably over inflated because it's assuming the same level of people coming to this country illegally. If you actually do start building walls in the right spot, if you actually start enforcing your laws, if you start returning children to Central America following the law, following the adjudication process and then returning them, that will stop the flow and you will have a lot fewer people you will have to deal with, so I think those numbers are over inflated.... Secure the border and then we will be able to take care of the people here with real humanity and we will be able to very efficiently and cost effectively deport the people who need to be put of this country and those are the gang members and the drug and human traffickers."

---Senator Ron Johnson on why it is worth the cost of implementing President Trump's immigration policy.

Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss President Trump's impending revamped executive order on immigration and why the price of implementing the new deportation orders is much more cost effective than incurring the high costs of allowing illegal immigrants to enter and stay in America. Senator Johnson also discussed Senator John McCain's worry that President Trump is against a free press and Senator Lindsey Graham opinion that republicans in the House & Senate need to get their act together.

Plus, Johnson weighs in on the pro Obamacare protests at town halls and why the one size model of Obamacare is less effective than giving control of healthcare to the states as well as the misconception that republicans want to take away healthcare from those who cant afford it.

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Senator Johnson on Lindsey Graham saying republicans need to get their act together

(JOHNSON) I am not going to self-criticize, this is hard stuff. Trying to repair the damage done by Obamacare is not easy. Implementing pro growth tax reform is not easy. So it requires some debate, it requires some time but lets first confirm a cabinet so we have a fully functioning administration.