"All of the recording that are out there and the release of those transcripts were things that were done before the Trump Administration took their leadership on the 20th of January so there is no question the recordings were done in the old (Obama) administration, no question the transcripts were made from the old administration, the question is who leaked it out. It is our understanding that this was starting the trickle out before the swearing in (of President Trump) even occurred, that would tell me the old administration was targeting the new (administration)."

---Senator Lankford on why he believes members of the Obama administration were behind releasing the recordings & transcripts of General Flynn's conversations with the Russian Ambassador

Senator James Lankford (R-Ok), spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the resignation of General Flynn, who may have greenlighted the leaks of Flynn's conversation with a Russian official and the Intelligence community not fully briefing President Trump. Plus, Lankford on his meeting with Supreme Court nominee Judge Goursuch

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