New England Patriots Celebrate Super Bowl Victory in Boston

New England Patriots fans braving the worst weather of the year to cheer on their Super Bowl championship team in a city-wide parade.

FOX’s Bill Marcus talked to fans:

It was cold, it was rainy, with snow and sleet, but a half a million New England Patriots fans said they didnít mind because they were in Boston:

(Kid) “To see the Patriots.”

People were climbing up trees, standing on roof tops. Marty Jennings and Marcus Jason were at Copley Square:

(Jennings) “We came from Providence, Rhode Island, so we drove, we got up early, we did our tailgating, and we got here.”

(Jason) “Patriots baby, címon, that was greatness.”

The crowds chanted MVP†for quarterback Tom Brady, the Most Valuable Player, as cannons shot confetti into the air.

12 year-old Christian Hazard of Providence:

(Hazard) “Yup. This is my favorite team. It represents my whole life.”

At the Pats Parade in Boston, Bill Marcus, FOX News.