The Life And Times Of Dwight D. Eisenhower

He was a man who spent the first five decades of his life toiling in relative obscurity. But Dwight David Eisenhower was there when his country needed him the most.

In this special edition of “War Stories with Oliver North,” you’ll learn how Ike rose from hardscrabble poverty in Kansas to the high command of U.S. Forces, European Theater of Operations during World War II and would later become our 34th President.
Ike’s engaging grin and calm sense of self-assurance did much to bolster troops in the field. It also helped him deal with the complicated personalities of Churchill, MacArthur, and Montgomery.

You’ll learn how he went from a poker playing West Point cadet with disciplinary problems to a man President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall counted on during a two front war. Also, Oliver North speaks with those who served Eisenhower, including Pearlie McKeough, who worked with Ike, along with her husband Mickey in WWII. Andrew Goodpaster and William Ewald offer rare insight about their times during the Eisenhower Presidency from 1953-1961.

And you’ll meet Susan Eisenhower whose relationship with her grandparents offers tremendous insight into them as a couple. She tells how Mamie, a rich debutante from Denver, became Eisenhower’s true partner in life and love. During more than fifty years of public service Ike and Mamie helped shape the United States as we know it today…and they gave all of themselves in the process.