Laundry pods continue to be a major health concern for young kids.

FOX’s Alex Hein reports in “Housecall For Health”:

This is Housecall for Health.

Parents have been warned about the dangers laundry pods pose to toddlers and young children around the house, but a new study sheds a scary light on the type of injuries parents should look out for. 

Between 2012 & 2015, the number of chemical burns to the eye linked to laundry detergent packets rose more than 30 percent among young children. More than 1200 four-year-olds received burns in that time period.

Kids are getting injured when the packets break and the contents squirt into one or both eyes or when the contents leak onto their hands and they then touch their eyes. The researches found most of these injuries are occurring in the home where kids are playing with the packets or confusing them either toys or candy.

The injuries are difficult to recover from, depending on severity. Meaning some children are actually at risk of long-term vision impairment.

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