Welcome to Super Bowl 1-0-1.

FOX's Chris Hoenig is today's professor:

Plenty of you non-football fans out there will be tuned in this evening when the New England Patriots, the team that everyone loves to hate, take on the Atlanta Falcons.

So what are some names and phrases that could help you keep up?:

"Tom Brady?"

He's the 39-year-old Patriots quarterback, pretty old for football, but he's good, really good. If he wins, he'll be just the second ever to win five Super Bowls as a player:


That's football's version of a soap opera. The NFL says Brady and the Patriots intentionally underinflated balls two years ago.

Brady took it to court, but lost. He was suspended the first four games this year as a result:

"Roger Goodell"

He's the NFL commissioner that suspended Brady, aka public enemy No. 1 in New England. He's also the guy who would hand Brady the championship trophy if the Patriots win... Awkward, right?:

"Bill Belichick"

The Patriots coach. If they win, he'll set the record for most Super Bowl wins as a coach in NFL history:

"Matt Ryan"

He's the Falcons quarterback, the team in red. They call him "Matty Ice" because nothing seems to phase him, also had a really good season:

"Extra point? Seven of them?"

Well, in a way. Get in the end zone and that's six points. The extra point is the kick through the uprights after, worth one point, shouldn't be much of a problem. Nobody's missed an extra point in the Super Bowl in more than 25 years. But this year, kickers weren't very good, there were 12 missed extra points in one week this season, four more than all of last season.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News.

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