Brian Kilmeade has been in Houston, TX for Super Bowl LI coverage, and he got the opportunity to spend some time with Vice President Mike Pence there for a special interview:

Vice President Pence on President George H.W. Bush being at the Super Bowl for the coin toss after a recent hospital stay:

It really speaks about the strength of that man. We all know him as a president, he was a vice president, he was served in many different positions within the government, but he started out in uniform. People that know the story of George Herbert Walker Bush know that he was an aviator. He was actually shot down over Chichijima, so people that know his whole history know he is a man of great personal strength, so we're not at all surprised to see him back out here flipping the coin just a few weeks after being in the hospital.

On Bush 41 offering him some encouragement:

I just got a very nice, warm personal note from President Bush encouraging me and a good word of encouragement for the president, and we just couldn't be more grateful for that. But the privilege of our little family being able to spend time with the 41st president at the Super Bowl and with these American heroes is really hard to describe.

On the recent increase of protests:

Our country is facing serious issues and people have every right to protest peacefully, to be able to let their voice be heard. But my hope is as time goes on, as people continue to see the strong, energetic leadership of President Trump putting the safety and security of the American people first, doing what he said he would do to get this economy moving again, I can't help but feel a stronger, more prosperous America is going to be a more united America.

On if President Trump made a moral equivalency between Vladimir Putin's way of operating and America's way of operating:

What President Trump is determined to do is reassert American leadership on the world stage and look for renewed relationships with countries around the world, including Russia. And the statements that he made were in not in any way a moral equivalency between the high ideals and practices of the American people and the people of Russia, but rather what the president is seeking to do is begin anew a relationship with the people of Russia and with their leadership to say, are there ways that we can begin to work together? The truth is we have to develop new coalitions and new partnerships to confront radical Islamic terrorism and particularly Russia and the United States have a common enemy in ISIS. The president's made a priority of pulling together the world and the resources of the United States to hunt down and destroy ISIS so it can no longer threaten us or inspire violence here in the home land. It's those kinds of new opportunities President Trump is absolutely committed to pursuing and I fully  support him in that.

Listen to the full interview below.