Tax Tips: A New Deadline for Tax Forms

We begin our 30-part series of FOX News Radio Tax Tips for 2017. We start with a deadline.

FOX’s Ginny Kosola reports:†

A new deadline for tax forms. I’m Ginny Kosola with your FOX News Radio Tax Tip.

The IRS has moved up the deadline for employers and businesses to send copies of W2 forms or 1099 forms for independent contractors. Though it is possible to receive an extension.†

CPA Ellen Minkow of MS 1040 says when you file your return and the W2 is already in the system, the IRS can quickly verify the information on your return and your form. They are working to reduce the number of suspicious†returns:

(Minkow) “I think they want to have these W2’s in process and matching when you do your tax return, so they try to eliminate that identity theft issue.”

It is also expected to help the IRS process your return quicker.

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I’m Ginny Kosola, FOX News.